Luis Rodriguez

              Luis Rodriguez writes about the non-human as if it were a burden upon a persons well-being. This however is actually because the non-human is characterized much differently than the writings we have seen with past authors. Rodriguez’s work describes the difficulties that come with city life, and included is the fact that you are surrounded by concrete, this lifeless dull material, which is not exactly a pleasant sight to stare at every day. Past authors we have discussed included more of a positive outlook on the non-human, only theirs incorporated nature and its beauties, only writing about suburbia in order to compare its ugliness to natures beauty. This is though, a lifestyle, one which is all the people of LA know. The sense of “place” that they feel is completely understandable, because you when you think about it, anything you had in the past in form of personal possesions you have a connection with. No matter if it was a picture of you going into your first grade classroom or a stuffed horse you had but havent seen in ten years, you feel a sense of well-being and graditude towards it, and a connection with it is made. The same would go with the city life, because no matter how much you hate it and want to live somewhere else, so much of your life’s history is wound up inside of the “concrete river” that it’s almost impossible to forget about and disconnect from it.

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